How can i use blops and what is it for?

If you are eather a teacher eager to teach or a very dedicated to your pupils one, an expert in whatever topic or a philanthropist of knowledge, blops is your tool.

With it you will be able to highlight the most important bits of your lessons and keep your students updated:

If you are a teacher, scholl teacher, expert...

First, download your app from apple store and rigth after, you will be able to create your profile, then, upload the questions that you want your pupils or followers to answer...

And that´s it! the game will be based on the cuestions, previously uploaded by you or other teachers, and remember that you can create folders and organize and file your cuestions!

If you are a student, follower...

Get your app from apple store... choose whether to create your profile or just to play.


Then select your teacher...or the people that you would like to follow...or a subject,or the academic year, whatever you want, and get started!

it´s never been that simple to highlight the most important points of the lesson!


you wont be behing the class anymore, and you will soon notice that playing blops helps you to be up to date.

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